The key to looking great in anything you wear is knowing how to dress for your particular body shape. Before I trained and became a qualified Personal Stylist, I always thought that when I felt like I was in a “style rut” it was because of the clothes - I didn’t have the right ones, they weren’t the right style or colour, they didn’t fit me like they should and so on.  But after my training, and now with years of experience, I can’t stress this enough… To LOVE your style and the way you dress, you need to start with understanding HOW to dress for your own body! 

Learning how to dress for your own body will give you more confidence and the ability to create flattering outfits for yourself, rather than being pigeon holed into some ridiculous category!

Take me for example, technically I am a “pear” until I lose a bit of weight, then I turn into an “hour glass”. Now that’s just confusing! In most books or articles you read, it will tell you that if you're a pear, your aim is to minimise your hips and bum, but the thing is, some “pears” (like myself), really like their hips and bum! I feel like I just don’t look right when I try to hide my shape, and I’m not confident when I dress like that.

Have you ever wondered why some outfits look amazing on someone else and then look all kinds of wrong when you try the exact same thing on? It’s because most of the clothes are mass produced and aren’t meant to be able to sit “perfectly” on everyone!  It’s just not possible. Hence, having the knowledge of knowing your particular body shape will help you know which clothing style, cuts and lengths suits you! 

Sure, there are a lot of different body types found on the internet - Pear, Apple, Hourglass, but in reality, there is no “one size fits all” rule for every body type. 

In this article, I’m going to share some important tips on how to discover your own body shape.  So let’s get into it!  



Get a Full-Length Mirror

One of the most essential tools in a stylish woman’s closet should be a full-length mirror.  A full-length mirror might seem unnecessary and not even that important, but you need to be able to see your whole body in one glance; top to bottom.  If you want to see if your shoes match your outfit, or if your skirt is the perfect length for your shape, or if your scarf matches your handbag, or if your outfit has created balance for your shape, then investing in a full-length mirror is essential.  It doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy, you can pick them up from around $20.  Ideally, it should be placed near your wardrobe, in your bedroom or in your bathroom.


Find three things you love about your body

When you see yourself in the mirror, take note of where you look first, then where do you look?  Do you look at your hips, your waist or your chest?  Do you like those areas that you look at?  It’s really important for you to understand where you look, and what do you think when you look there!  If you are wanting to disguise or enhance those areas?  The next step is crucial…  Find three areas of your body that you love.  Consider all of your areas. If you can’t find three then even just decide on one.  This is where you're going to start dressing for your shape.  The key is to emphasise your best features instead of hiding them.  Take Kim Kardashian as an example.  Kim knows her best features, so she wears dresses and outfits that accentuates her best assets.  She’s flattering her body instead of hiding it.

You need to focus on the parts you love! We all have the power to direct people's eyes to where we want them to look. So think about what you would like to enhance, and work from there… Is it your boobs, bum, waist or legs? Then think about how you can do it!  Is it the detailing/colour of the material in that area, or the cut of the piece that will draw attention to there.


Consider Height

As a rule of thumb, your eyes will be drawn to wherever the fabric finishes.  One of the common mistakes most people make is wearing larger tops to minimise their hips.  This is not always a great idea because depending on where the garment finishes, which for the majority of them, it ends on the larger part of your hips.  All that does is actually makes your hips appear larger.  All of the focus is going exactly where you don’t want it to.  So make sure your eyes are drawn to areas that you want them to be drawn to.  If you’re wanting to appear slimmer, bring the attention to the middle of your body and to an area that you love.  Let your eyes focus on the centre by wearing a statement necklace or earrings or you can even wear your favourite lipstick shade.

I don’t let modern beauty and trends pigeon hole me into the usual body type categories, I wear what I know that suits me and makes me feel confident, and this is exactly what I help my clients and styling members with.

Whatever you wear, make sure it makes you feel empowered and on top of your game!

Discover what you love, and run with it! 


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Start loving your wardrobe and be confident in the way you look right now!

Karina Dyer xxx