Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog. YAY! So I think it is completely appropriate to introduce myself…. I am a Mother of two gorgeous boys (not bias at all! haha), Ned 4 and Hugo 2, a wife to Paul (he is pretty cute too) a Personal Stylist and the owner and founder of Personalised Style. I became a Personal Stylist by training at The Australian Style Institute which was perfect to really learn more than just fashion, and teaming pieces together to create great outfits.  What I learnt there was how to help my clients achieve what it is they really want.  Sometimes my clients don’t realise exactly what it is that they need, until we start our Style Consultation. To be able to help them achieve something bigger than they ever expected is a wonderful thing to be part of. I believe so much in their training because I have witnessed the results, and I know the extent of training that is involved to become a Stylist through the ASI.  This is the exact reason that at Personalised Style, I will only ever have Personal Stylists who have come through the ASI. I know each one of my wonderful Stylists have had the training, the hands on experience and the passion to be the best.

Where it all started...

When I first became a Personal Stylist, I created my own business, Personalised Styling by Karina Dyer, where I offer what most stylists would, wardrobe makeovers and shopping sessions plus some wonderful extras.  What I noticed, was so many women wanted and needed a stylist to help them, and to teach them, but their location, lack of time and/or budget was holding them back. I just felt that this wasn’t right.  After being present with my clients in the dressing room and they walk out and look at themselves in the mirror and burst into tears because they never realised that they could look so good, and feel so good, I believed that every single person deserves to feel this! It shouldn’t matter if you don’t have the budget like someone else, or your location holds you back from shopping, or your busy lifestyle won't allow you the time to get out and go shopping, you deserve to look great and feel amazing! It’s your right.  

So this is where Personalised Style started - as you can see, the name is very similar, but I just love it, and that is what I have, and always will offer, personalised style to each of my clients. I have created a brand new method of styling, Online Styling, starting at as little as $50 so all budgets can afford to have a Personal Stylist work for them, and teach them how to dress for their own unique shape! - No apples, pears, or even bananas will ever be mentioned at Personalised Style. This is another reason I trained at ASI, no such thing as being a shape, you are you, and let's teach you how to dress for that. For our online styling, you can either complete your Style Consultation online, or you can speak to one of our Stylists who will talk through the Style Consultation, which gives you such a clearer result, and you also learn so much from just talking to a Stylist about your Style, colour choices, outfit choices, and really discover which parts of your body you might like to enhance or minimise. You will love it. I also have Personal Stylists across Victoria and New South Wales, plus more destinations to come, who are available for Shopping and Styling Sessions - This is such a great experience! And I wanted to make sure that I kept that available to my current, and future clients. This is where people can change. It may sound strange but this really is where you can create a new you, the one you may have dreamed of, the one you may have known years ago, or the one that you never even knew existed! I have had countless “goosebump” moments with my clients where they walk out, of the dressing room, with the biggest grin on their face, some with tears, some with complete shock from how excited and happy they are! It is such a beautiful experience to witness, and I always feel so privileged to be there and to be able to give them something that is so powerful. What a job I have!

The incredible memories...

I have so many stand out and special memories with clients, but the one that I think about the most, and reinforces that what I do, does actually help, and change peoples lives, is a client of mine who was incredibly insecure about herself.  After years of feeling like she wasn’t good enough, she had gained weight, which made her feel uncomfortable in all of her clothes, and she just wanted to cover up and not go outside because life at that time was just too hard.  She didn’t want people to look at her, and she just wasn’t living. It was really hard to not want to burst into tears with her, but I saw something different to what she did, I saw the beautiful woman, the mum who did everything for her gorgeous children, the best friend who can be the life of the party, I saw the most gorgeous human, inside and out, the one who will do anything for you. So I knew it was my job to show her what I saw.  After our Style Consultation, we had our incredible shopping session together, where she learnt how to dress for her, her lifestyle and her budget. I knew she was happy because she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face the whole time, and really, we put together so many perfect outfits! After her session, we finished it with a huge cuddle. Don’t worry, if you don’t like cuddles, I wont do that to you - haha! I like to check in with my clients a few days after our sessions, to make sure they know how to put everything together, and just go over some of the styling advice that I had given them. But it wasn’t that long this time, because the very next morning at 7:30am I received this text message… “Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED getting up this morning! I was so excited to get into my wardrobe and actually leave the house! I cannot thank you enough, you have honestly given me so much more than you could ever imagine, I didn’t realise how awful I felt! Thank you so much!!” That is when the overwhelming emotion really hit me!

Clothes are not just Clothes! xxx.