The holiday season is known as “the season to be jolly”, but we know for a fact that it’s also one of the busiest and stressful months. Jam-packed schedules, balancing between work and family responsibilities, the list goes on…

Christmas is getting closer and you’ve been busy making a list and checking it twice that you forgot to think about what you’ll be wearing to your Christmas dinner. So to the ladies out there who are still looking to purchase their Christmas and holiday outfits, I got you!

Here are some helpful tips to save yourself time, money, and stress!

1. Plan ahead - Before heading to the shops, make sure you work out a list of all you need: garments, accessories, shoes that you need to add to your wardrobe and focus on them. You can even do your research online to save you time and money so you know which shops to go to instead of aimlessly walking around buying pieces that you don't need and won't wear.

If you can, head to the shops in the morning, the shops will be set out nicely so you can easily find the pieces that you need and the crowds won't be so big.

Important tips to remember:
   -  Make your list and check it twice, so you are really familiar with what you are needing.
   -  What you don't have and would like
   -  What you don't need more of
   -  Key pieces in your wardrobe that you know you will wear with new pieces
   -  Pieces you own but you need more to go with them

2. Invest - It's the perfect time, there’s plenty of sales at the moment. Take a look through stores that you may not normally enter because of their price, especially for shoes and bags, think about the quality.  You get what you pay for and this is the perfect time to be able to invest in them without breaking the bank

3. Try it all on - I don't think I can stress this enough.  It doesn't matter how busy the dressing rooms are, it's worth the wait.  This is where so many people end up wasting money because when they get home, they try it on and they don't like it.  Keep in mind some sale stock isn't just last seasons, it's also the pieces that don't sell because of the cuts and sizing, so it's really important to try it on and make sure that you are putting your money into something that works for you.

4. Focus - It can be so tempting to purchase items because of the whole "yeah, but look how much I'm saving" don't worry I have been there too, but not anymore though because that is when you end up simply wasting money.  Keep your list on you at all times and focus on it.  

5. Have fun - Shopping and clothing can be so much fun, especially when you know exactly what suits you and what you need!  So be smart, follow your list, try it on and you will be able to fill your wardrobe with pieces that work for you and ones that you love!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly so shopping for your Christmas or holiday outfits should be easy, enjoyable and fun!

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Karina Dyer xxx